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Woodridge is not just a neighborhood. It's a community of people who care.

On the Issues...

As an ANC Commissioner, I plan to devote my time working to help create a safer neighborhood for the residents of 5C01.

The residents of Woodridge are finding themselves victims of stolen autos and home burglaries. This makes a homeowner feel vulnerable and insecure. No one wants their personal property to be violated. So what can be done about it?

We need to help one another as neighbors and we need MPD to help educate us on steps to prevent and discourage criminals from taking advantage of a great neighborhood. Community awareness can also help reduce invasions and I think we can work together as a community to help deter criminal behavior.

I will coordinate my efforts with fellow ANC Commissioners to help create a secure and safe neighborhood.

Another passionate issue I would like to tackle as a commissioner is business development that serves the neighborhood. Numerous locations around the city are experiencing what can be considered a commercial renaissance. It's time for Woodridge to be involved in this movement. We have existing retail spaces that are located on Rhode Island Ave NE, which is a prime commercial business location. The community is starving for business and retail ventures that could serve a variety of needs to the residents of Woodridge and Ward 5.

A once thriving commercial corridor has been neglected and overlooked for too long. I want to work with the neighbors, community organizations, and fellow ANC Commissioners to retain existing businesses, nurture small start-up businesses that can serve the neighborhood, and solicit new businesses that can be successful on Rhode Island Avenue NE.

The economy is improving and it is time to invigorate and patronize the businesses in our neighborhood. This effort will enhance the growth of our community and provide opportunities for the residents.

Thank you Neighbors and I look forward to your support.

Antonette E. Russell

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